CCDI’s eLearning programs are designed to help organizations advance in their Diversity and Inclusion journey in a way that is efficient in both time and cost, while adhering to adult learning principles and best practices.

We have designed effective learning experiences that will engage your employees. We do not want them just to “click through” the materials, but actually “live through” it.

The content of our programs is informed by the latest research in the D&I field, as well as years of experience we have had working in D&I within some of Canada’s largest workplaces and supporting our clients in their diversity and inclusion journeys.

The design of our programs prioritizes concision, accessibility and interactivity. We provide learners with practical tips, tools and techniques to help them shift their behaviours towards inclusion. We steer away from information-dumping, rather using scenarios to create engagement and provide immediately applicable solutions to real-life problems.

Our courses are ready to be published on your Learning Management System. If your organization does not have a Learning Management System, we can take care of program delivery and management for you, by creating a customized portal on our Learning Hub.

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