Diversity data analytics

We have long believed that research based on data collection and analysis is essential to helping Canadian employers address their diversity issues and move towards inclusion. Demand for our qualitative and quantitative diversity data analytics keeps growing and has shaped the products, services and events we develop to be practical for the leadership of Canadian employers.

Diversity Census Tool 

This innovative research tool originally developed for researching diversity in the health system and the supply chain has become indispensable for measuring diversity and inclusion and filtering for unconscious bias in hiring. Designed to track sentiment as well as demographic data, we layer in rigorous analysis on top of results that can be user-monitored and filtered for richer data. This signature piece of technology is developed with best practices in accessibility, digital privacy and security on Canadian servers for hosting and data backup.

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Diversity By The Numbers

When we focused on Canada’s law firms with our first sector-specific diversity survey, it was to assess inclusion across the profession. Then leading firms started coming on board as clients so they could use their diversity performance as a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining talent. In 2016, we are including Canada’s law schools in the survey.

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Employer Inclusivity Index

Using specific measurable criteria, the Employer Inclusivity Index distinguishes between the intent of leadership’s diversity and inclusion plans and the life-lived experience in the workplace. This exciting new initiative eliminates any subjective guesswork in assessing how inclusive a workplace is, ranking each employer based on qualitative and quantitative research with a score that reflects its true inclusivity based on leading indicators and best practices.

With strict compliance rules for confidentiality, survey questions and supporting documentation are assessed by a panel of third-party subject experts against indices derived from the internationally respected Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks.

The deliverable is a report outlining the organization’s score, comprehensively explaining it and supported with steps that can be taken to improve the inclusivity of the organization. We are in pilot phase with this initiative with a number of employers in Alberta.

This project has been undertaken with financial support from the Government of Alberta’s Foreign Qualifications Recognition Innovation Fund.

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