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While diversity and inclusion case studies so often reflect the demographic, regulatory and economic issues of other places, we saw an opportunity to inspire Canadian employers with the stories of diversity and inclusion that are making a difference in real Canadian workplaces, now.

Success stories:

The Success story initiative

There is astonishingly little published that shines a light on diversity and inclusion successes in Canada, though there are many, across a wide range of organizations.

Case studies referenced by trainers and leadership tend to be reporting on different countries, cultures, political and economic settings.

The goal of this initiative is to support diversity and inclusion leadership with stories that are relevant to what’s happening now, here in Canada. By sharing their stories, we celebrate the successes of Canadian organizations while contributing to learning for everyone that cares about diversity and inclusion.

The employers who have developed initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion as priorities in the workplace are responding to an increasingly competitive economy that’s responsive to the diversity of employees – and the country.

We are grateful to those who have participated in interviews. These are the first of our case studies; the series will be published monthly. Subscribing to our monthly newsletter at will keep you updated with the latest case studies, which will all be posted online at For more information, contact

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